Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mofro's Orange Blossoms

Scheduled for release August 26, 2008, Mofro's 4th studio record Orange Blossoms.

Now that it's official I feel I can share a secret. Last October JJ Grey performed a solo acoustic set on WWOZ during Voodoo Fest weekend. One of the songs featured JJ on piano only and was my favorite piece of the entire broadcast. It was a new song and at the time JJ said he hoped it would be on the next record "if [he] could get it down right." To my knowledge this song hasn't been played live since. But I guess they got it down right because not only is it on the new record, it's the title and lead-off track, Orange Blossoms.

The performance was special, with JJ stating "I felt good about it. I ain't never played it... like that" shortly after the song's close. I almost afraid to hear the studio version since I've loved this early acoustic performance ever since I first heard it. But Dan Prothero always seems to get it right and it helps to be working with great songs.

Here's the tracklisting for the new record, available August 26th.

01. Orange Blossoms
02. The Devil You Know
03. Everything Good Is Bad
04. She Don't Know
05. The Truth
06. WYLF
07. On Fire
08. Move It On
09. Higher You Climb
10. Dew Drops
11. Ybor City
12. I Believe (In Everything)

Check out the live solo performance of Orange Blossoms below, broadcast on New Orleans' WWOZ, October 26, 2007.

Update 7/22: The entire broadcast is now hosted on Archive for download or stream. Thanks to Clay, Hollis, and Danny for their guidance.

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